College Tuition

College Tuition Introduction

when it comes to the practical knowledge  most of the college lack it mostly they focused on the theoretical knowledge. Training  Nepal  college student  to enhance the skill in C and C++ programming. The purpose of this course is to provide Student  the practical knowledge of the theories that students learned in their college.Our Teacher have prepare the syllabus accordingly so they can learn the course in the respective filed which helps to provide the practical as well as the theoretical knowledge to the student which will help them to learn a lot.

Training nepal has proved that it is great help for the student in past , present and it will continue  provide the better advanced course in the near future.


Bridge Courses

Bridge Courses Introduction

Just like the bridge, bridge courses prepare you for the tough entrance examination for the dream college by providing student centered courses with 8-10 week package course. We provide courses on  science and management including St. Xavier’s entrance, A-levels and nursing as well. We entirely focused on frequently asked questions (FAQs) and sample questions of  highly preferred college